[HCoop-Help] Help please with running my own apache.

Matthew Smith dogman at unifone.net.nz
Mon Jul 8 01:28:34 EDT 2019

On 07/07/19 08:51, Clinton Ebadi wrote:
>> I made some effort with the domtool docs but it  still wasn't clear
>> what to do.
> This should work:
> dom "barkingdognatives.nz" where
>      PhpVersion = php56;
>      WWW = begin
>        proxyPass "/" "http://marsh:50100/";
>        proxyPassReverse "/" "http://marsh:50100/";
>      end;
> with
> end;
That tests ok. Domtool has been running for several hours now. I 
remember reading that this is normal although my previous domtool 
invocations all returned quickly.

>> 2. How would I have gunicorn persist after logout? I seem to be able
>> do this by just appending '&' to the command line, but something tells
>> me there is a better way.
> You will want to use k5start to obtain and manage $USER.daemon tokens,
> and use an @reboot cron job to spawn the process if the shell server
> reboots (it does happen occasionally when kernel upgrades are required
> for security).
> https://wiki.hcoop.net/RunningUnattendedCommandsWithoutRunInPagsh gives
> a general idea, what I do for my tt-rss daemon for example is:
>    @reboot k5start -bqtUf /etc/keytabs/user.daemon/clinton -- \
>    /afs/hcoop.net/user/c/cl/clinton/webapps/tt-rss/update-feeds
> Just replace clinton with your username, and everything after the `--'
> with your script and any arguments. k5start handles backgrounding and
> renews tokens as needed indefinitely.
> There isn't any process management beyond that currently; if you need
> anything more advanced it should be possible to run supervisord as your
> user (I eventually want to make a set of tools for easily managing
> processes using supervisord + k5start, but that is way behind upgrading
> to Debian Buster and getting letsencrypt integrated on the todo
> list).
I don't need anything more advanced for now, thanks for the help:-)

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