[HCoop-Help] unable to ssh into my account

Clinton Ebadi clinton at unknownlamer.org
Wed Nov 20 19:59:00 EST 2013

Sajith Sasidharan <sajith at hcoop.net> writes:

> Sajith Sasidharan <sajith at hcoop.net> wrote:
>> Daniil Frumin <difrumin at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > OK, weirdly enough I seem to be getting 'ssh_exchange_identification:
>> > Connection closed by remote host' errors again.
>> Is this still ongoing, or am I just having an odd moment with ssh?
> … or am I just blacklisted by ssh server?  I can log in from other
> networks, but not from my home.  If I am indeed blacklisted, how do I
> get out of that?

Sorry for the late reply...

Yep, you've been blocked by the ssh server. Anyone who tried to login
more than two or three times during last week's outage was marked as an
evil, evil person trying to hack an account.

If you email admins at hcoop.net the IP address that is blocked I'll get
all of them cleared ASAP.

The reason this happened is stupid... someone ran shred on files in afs
(machine was too locked up to figure out who it was, but please don't do
that kthx) which led to the openafs daemon croaking under the
load. Everything else was working, but since we use libnss-afs as part
of authentication, PAM was failing as if everyone were entering bad

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