[HCoop-Help] alpine on bog, vs alpine on mire

Clinton Ebadi clinton at unknownlamer.org
Sat Jan 5 02:38:13 EST 2013

David Brownstein <dbrownst at hcoop.net> writes:

> Greetings,
> Seeking a friendly correspondent who will view my ignorance as a teaching 
> moment.
> I just tried logging into bog (which went great by the way, so thank you 
> to Clinton and whomever else for whatever work was behind that).
> Ran kpasswd.
> I invoked alpine, which started, but did not ask me for my password, like 
> usual.  Instead, it churned for a while, telling me that it was 'Opening 
> "INBOX"', before informing me that 'Can't connect to mail.hcoop.net,993: 
> Connection timed out' and 'No folder opened'.
> At that point, strangely, I can view all of my mail folders, and the 
> messages inside of them.  Just not my inbox.  I can also send messages. 
> Not sure what to think of any of these latter points, because as I say, 
> ordinarily I need to log into alpine with my password.
> When I log into mire using the old method, everything works just fine.
> I can only think of one thing to change, which would be my setting:
> Name of Inbox server : mail.hcoop.net/ssl/novalidate-cert/user=dbrownst
> Should this line now say 'bog' in there somewhere?  If somebody could just 
> point me in the right direction, I'm happy to learn more to fix this.


I had not opened the imap ports to our mail server; I've added the
needed ports to the local firewall config so in *theory* alpine should
work now. It's possible that something else is going on (you never know
with unix), but hopefully that was it.

Good luck!

<captain_krunk> ntk is currently using "telnet fyodor 25" to send email
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