[HCoop-Help] ssh, sftp not working?

dbrownst at hcoop.net dbrownst at hcoop.net
Fri Nov 16 19:05:26 EST 2012

Hello all,

For the last five hours, I have not been able to ssh into my account, nor
use sftp.  Am I alone with these problems?

Before I lost access, I had noticed that functionality was deteriorating
significantly.  Ie, longer and longer lags before an Alpine command was
actually executed.  Eventually it simply stopped responding.

I can access my email using the SquirrelMail web portal.  The hcoop.net
web page seems to be working.  I can ssh and sftp into other accounts that
I have elsewhere, just fine.

Attempts doing either, with verbose listings, let me know that connections
are established, but then while accessing(?) the third of a trio of
identity files, they just hang there doing absolutely nothing.
"identity file /Users/[mylogin]/.ssh/id_dsa type -1", if this means
anything to you.

I have just exhausted my technical knowledge, so many thanks for any help
that you can offer.

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