[HCoop-Help] domtool help?

Adam Chlipala adam at chlipala.net
Fri Jan 28 14:37:01 EST 2011

Lauren McNees wrote:
> I'm just trying to get lauren.hcoop.net set up but I guess I can't get
> domtool to work. I'm just trying the most basic configuration but
> obviously something isn't working. When I try to run it with
> domtool ~/.domtool/lauren.hcoop.net
> the command prompt never comes back.

I have a feeling the "solution" to this problem is as simple as waiting 
longer for it to finish. :)

There's plenty of opportunity for improving Domtool's performance, but 
I'm no longer maintaining that code, so someone else would have to take 
on this challenge.

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