[HCoop-Help] ssh tunnel problems

Richard Darst rkd at hcoop.net
Tue May 25 04:40:17 EDT 2010

On Mon, May 24, 2010 at 08:08:03PM -0700, Lauren McNees wrote:
> Hello hcoopers,
> For months (maybe years?) now I've been using putty to SSH tunnel to mire
> from my office to bypass the stupid content blocker they have. Its always
> worked great but suddenly about 3 weeks ago it won't connect at all, giving
> me "Network error: Software caused connection to abort." whenever I try to
> connect. I can still putty to mire from my home computer, and I can still
> putty to other servers from my work computer, so I am guessing that my
> office has blocked my connection to mire. Any other ideas why it doesn't
> work anymore? Did something change on mire?

It sounds like it could be blocked.  Can you ssh to other non-work
computers from work?  You can try fritz.hcoop.net (you won't be able
to log in, but if you get a prompt that's good to know).

We could make ssh listen on a different port.  Can you find out what
ports are not blocked from your work?  Admins: what do you think of
this idea?  Mire has lots of port/address pairs available, as long as
it isn't https.

Thanks for bringing this up,

- Richard

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