[HCoop-Help] recommendation for a domain-name registar requested

Brian Templeton bpt at hcoop.net
Tue Jul 6 14:24:53 EDT 2010

Daniel Wilkerson <daniel.wilkerson at gmail.com> writes:

> I am trying to transfer the registration of my domain name.  One thing
> I make a point of is not saying I have read an agreement unless I have
> actually read it.  The major problem I have with most registrars is
> that, not only are their agreements long, they contain references to
> other agreements to the point where I cannot even find all of the
> agreements that I am supposed to have read.  Can someone please
> recommend a registrar that does not have this problem.  I've already
> given up on Godaddy, alldomains, and gandi.net.  Internet.bs has a
> single agreement, but it is full of weird clauses.

What's so bad about Gandi.net's contracts? They appear to all be listed
on <http://gandi.net/contracts/> and, for example, all the applicable
the terms and conditions for registering a ".org" domain are about
twenty pages long, unless I'm missing something.

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