[HCoop-Help] Pointer to SpamAssassin training

Jesse Shumway layline at hcoop.net
Fri Jan 15 01:57:19 EST 2010

Per the member manual wiki page (wiki.hcoop.net/MemberManual/Email/ 
SpamAssassin) I should be able to train SpamAssassin to with my very  
own spam and ham an IMAP subscription to "SiteSpam" and "SiteHam".  
Neither of these appeared by default in my account's subscription list  
[I'm using Apple's Mail.app version 3.6 on OS X 10.5.8]. So I put a  
SpamAssassin entry to /var/local/lib/spamd/Maildir in my ~/Maildir/ 
shared-maildirs file as suggested, but the system spam and ham folders  
still don't appear as IMAP subscription candidates. It may be by  
design but as layline on mire I can't list directories any deeper  
than /var/local.

Strangely the above convention appears to be contradicted by the  
FeedingSpamAssassin wiki page which says that
is where I should manually serve my spam. But there's no /etc/*spam*  
on mire. Hmmm, looks to me like the wiki page might be a tad behind  
the times. Chasing this down a little furhter
What am I missing here? Is the wiki out of date? Where should I be  
looking for a recipe for feeding SpamAssassin?


-- Jesse Shumway    <layline AT hcoop.net>

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