[HCoop-Help] Wordpress Installation

Adam Chlipala adamc at hcoop.net
Mon Oct 26 11:54:08 EDT 2009

ozhan fenerci wrote:
> I am a new member of HCoop and having a problem running a wordpress.
> I have no previous knowledge about wordpress ( html too) and domtools so I am asking to list.
> My domtool config file is:
> --------------------------->
> dom "ofenerci.hcoop.net" where
>         DocumentRoot = home "public_html/wordpress/";
>         WWW=begin
> addWordPress "/"
> end;
> with end;
> --------------------------<
> But when I web to "ofenerci.hcoop.net/wordpress" I get an error saying "Error establishing a database connection." I can't go further...

This sure looks like a problem that has nothing to do with Domtool.  
Perhaps someone who has set up Wordpress can help.

P.S.: Please don't directly e-mail me or another volunteer with 
questions.  Either stick to e-mailing hcoop-help or open a Bugzilla 
bug.  I promise I'll read requests submitted in either way. :)

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