[HCoop-Help] Commercial Site for Others / Non-member

Adam Chlipala adamc at hcoop.net
Mon Apr 13 13:22:05 EDT 2009

Nathan Kennedy wrote:
> Are you serving as the sole webmaster, or setting up a CMS such that any
> 3rd party administration is done through a web interface or other services
> that you administer?
> Are you serving as the single point of contact with HCoop?
> If the answer to these questions are both yes, then there is no issue with
> you hosting these websites under your account, even if you are charging the
> customer for creating or hosting the website.  You may but are in no way
> obligated to pledge more.
> If, on the other hand, the customer needs access to the underlying shell
> account or requires any support level of direct support from HCoop, then
> they would need to join as a member themselves.  That is my understanding.

That's also my understanding of our present de-facto policy.  I've been 
griping about this policy for a while, as I think members should need to 
pay extra to resell any aspect of our services that would usually be 
bought in a separate "hosting plan."  I plan to push for an official 
board vote on some new rule in the near future.

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