[HCoop-Help] Authentication for Jabber Server using the same LDAP as for virtual mailboxes

Michal michal at hcoop.net
Thu Apr 9 11:42:01 EDT 2009

Sorry I thought I replied to this already (I keep accidentally sending
to this list from my gmail account rather than my hcoop, and my gmail
isn't authorised)

>> - Are the virtual mailbox passwords stored using LDAP?
> No, they're in special Berkeley DB files.  I guess that renders the rest
> of your message moot, though perhaps you would like further advice not
> related to LDAP.

Thanks for the info.

Jabberd2 does support Bekeley DB files, but from what I can tell there
isn't much available configuration, so it is unlikely that the schema
Jabberd2 uses will be the same as the already-existing database. Oh
well... It was a minor thing anyway.

Thanks anyway,


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