[HCoop-Help] "aklog: can't get afs configuration"

Davor Ocelic docelic at hcoop.net
Sat Apr 4 06:42:47 EDT 2009

> Now, when running kinit and aklog I get:
> $ kinit zrajm at HCOOP.NET
> zrajm at HCOOP.NET's Password:
> $ aklog
> aklog: unable to obtain tokens for cell hcoop.net (status: 11862788).

Okay, so kinit worked, which you can check with klist -5.

Aklog didn't, due to the following problem:

>     DB server host names for your home cell:
> (I answered: "lal" -- the name of my machine as returned by "uname
> -n")

Here you need to say deleuze.hcoop.net.

>     Run Openafs client now and at boot?
>        <Yes>                                       <No>

You can say Yes here. The No option was provided for cases when
you're not installing a new server and don't want to start the
client before server is configured.

Run dpkg-reconfigure openafs-client, adjust the answers per
above and it should work.

Running command 'tokens' should list your AFS tokens, in the
same way klist -5 does for kerberos tickets.

Tell us how it goes.


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