[HCoop-Help] Jabber using own domain

Davor Ocelic docelic at hcoop.net
Thu Apr 2 11:27:04 EDT 2009

On Thu, 2 Apr 2009 15:20:54 +0100
Michal <michal at hcoop.net> wrote:

> That's great! I will give it a go. I do have many
> questions/clarifications already:
> I think I would need to request ports at
> https://members.hcoop.net/portal/ip . I would at a minimum need two
> ports (one for C2S and one for S2S), but I would also like to use SSL,
> and so I would need 4 ports (with, as I understand it, the SSL ports
> being one number higher than the standard)

That would work, yes. Keep in mind that you do not strictly need to
request ports right now, because we do not use a firewall yet (which
is what we'll use to control port access).

But, since we are planning to introduce it again (we had it on our
old server, combined with a complete management infrastructure we
created for it), it is in any case important to file a request, so
that we know which ports should be granted to users, so that you
don't experience downtime when we do it.

> 1. Which specific port numbers should I choose? (i.e. how to find out
> which ones are free/suitable?)
> 2. Should I just fill out the form 4 times, once for each port?

IP addresses and ports are listed at:

But ports used on Mire are not listed there, so you can simply
make sure you're not intending to use a reserved port by doing
the following on Mire:

  netstat -nl | grep yourPort

> I assume I would then install the server software, and use the
> instructions at
> http://wiki.hcoop.net/MemberManual/RunningUnattendedCommands to run
> it.


> 3. What nice value should I use?

Default, that is, no need for specific nice value.

> 4. Where should I actually run "nice"? Should I create a wrapper
> script for the server that runs it with "nice" or is there another way
> to do it?

You'd run it as:

  run-in-pagsh interch nice -n <NUM> command...

> 5. What other measures should I take to ensure there isn't overuse of
> resources?

Nothing for now. We have a plan of implementing a script that'd be 
taking care of runaway processes (processor- or memory-wise), but
so far it hasn't really been done. (If you have a suggestion how
the logic should work, feel free to add comments).


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