[HCoop-Help] Jabber using own domain

Michal michal at hcoop.net
Thu Apr 2 10:20:54 EDT 2009

That's great! I will give it a go. I do have many
questions/clarifications already:

I think I would need to request ports at
https://members.hcoop.net/portal/ip . I would at a minimum need two
ports (one for C2S and one for S2S), but I would also like to use SSL,
and so I would need 4 ports (with, as I understand it, the SSL ports
being one number higher than the standard)

1. Which specific port numbers should I choose? (i.e. how to find out
which ones are free/suitable?)
2. Should I just fill out the form 4 times, once for each port?

I assume I would then install the server software, and use the
instructions at
http://wiki.hcoop.net/MemberManual/RunningUnattendedCommands to run

3. What nice value should I use?
4. Where should I actually run "nice"? Should I create a wrapper
script for the server that runs it with "nice" or is there another way
to do it?
5. What other measures should I take to ensure there isn't overuse of resources?

About the SRV record:

6. How would I use Domtool to change the SRV record for my domain? The
only reference I've managed to find http://hcoop.net/domtool/bind.html
that mentions SRV, but I'm not sure what it all means, and how it
translates to what should go into the domtool file for my domain.
7. Just to check, my server itself will be running on mire.hcoop.net...?

Sorry if these are basic questions, but this is all at the upper limit
of my server-admin knowledge.


On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 2:42 PM, Adam Chlipala <adamc at hcoop.net> wrote:
> Michal wrote:
>> In fact, I have now found http://www.jms1.net/jabberd2/ that does seem
>> to suggest that you can use any port for both client and server
>> connections using SRV records. If I'm understanding it correctly,
>> would this be possible on hcoop? (And also, would I be allowed to have
>> some ports for my own Jabber daemon?)
> I think we can give it a trial run, especially if you run your server
> with 'nice' and take other measures to backstop potential overuse of
> resources.
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