[HCoop-Help] "aklog: can't get afs configuration"

Adam Megacz megacz at hcoop.net
Wed Apr 1 17:19:41 EDT 2009

Zrajm C Akfohg <zrajm at klingonska.org> writes:
> I realize that /etc/openafs (which does not exist on my system at all)
> is missing... But what should be in there?

Hrm, I think you must be missing some packages, because at least on
debian, /etc/openafs will be created when you install openafs-client.
Ubuntu should do the same.

We have our AFS set up so that you don't need to do any client-side
configuration at all (it will "just work"), so you don't need to
change anything in /etc/openafs.  But the fact that it's not even
there indicates that something else is amiss.

  - a

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