[HCoop-Help] unable to run doomtool

Adam Chlipala adamc at hcoop.net
Mon Sep 29 10:18:07 EDT 2008

Davor Ocelic wrote:
>> Zrajm C Akfohg wrote:
>>> How do I make include virtual work on a cgi?
>> I wouldn't be surprised if we can't support this, but I'm not sure.
>> We have to make sure that included CGI scripts run as your user and
>> with your AFS tokens.  If it isn't easy to make this happen, then we
>> can't allow what you request, for security reasons.
> Why couldn't we make this work?

I don't like to take anything for granted when it comes to Apache and 
its modules doing the right thing to support sharing by 
mutually-untrusting users.  I think most of us would have assumed at the 
start that mod_perl, mod_python, and so on would come with support for 
this kind of thing, but they just don't.

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