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docelic at hcoop.net docelic at hcoop.net
Thu May 22 08:21:47 EDT 2008

On Thu, May 22, 2008 at 12:17:00PM +0200, Christian Boesgaard wrote:
> Q: Can I use mod_python, Zope, mod_perl, etc.?
> Yes, you can use these customized web server modules or web servers,
> but you will probably need to run your own web daemon to do it. Most
> of these are not designed to work in an environment like ours, where
> resources are shared by mutually untrusting users; as a result, they
> run all scripts as the same user, which would let others trample your
> data, either intentionally or through negligence. We do support
> running your own daemons and proxying from our main Apache, though, so
> no worries!
> --------------------------
> As I am no expert on these matters I would still be happy if someone
> could point me in the right direction. Like how do I run mod_python as
> a daemon?

Hey Christian,

(I am moving this thread to hcoop-help, so please make any further
replies there and/or subscribe to that list from the Members portal
to see other people's comments).

What the above paragraph means is that you will have to run your own
instance of Apache, and proxy requests coming to your domain (and
our shared Web server) to your own web server.

I hope others who have done this for themselves and are on the -help
list can chime in with specific information about it.


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