[HCoop-Help] Help on installing my own Apache instance

Benjamin Hell beni at hcoop.net
Mon Mar 31 11:56:28 EDT 2008

Kristopher Overholt wrote:
> I'd like to install an instance of Apache for me to use for some developing
> using mod_python and Django, etc. While I know the basics of running Apache
> and configuring httpd.conf, I can't seem to find much info on any
> hcoop-specific steps that I need to take to make everything work.

I have a "private" apache httpd + mod_python setup running for
www.siebengang.net. You can have a look at my domtool config and
apache httpd.conf:


There is a second virtual host in the httpd.conf, which makes things
a little more complex.

I hope the permissions are ok, so that you can read the files - let
me know otherwise.

To get apache started when the system is restarted, I use the
following cron job:

@reboot       run-in-pagsh --fg apache_reboot apache_care.sh

I should mention that there are some unresolved problems with my
setup (bug 291 on bugzilla.hcoop.net), but as a first guidance it
should be ok.

Feel free to ask for more details if necessary!



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