[HCoop-Help] Help on installing my own Apache instance

Kristopher Overholt koverholt at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 03:21:55 EDT 2008

I'd like to install an instance of Apache for me to use for some developing
using mod_python and Django, etc. While I know the basics of running Apache
and configuring httpd.conf, I can't seem to find much info on any
hcoop-specific steps that I need to take to make everything work.

I did see a mention on the wiki of proxying Apache through the main apache
process, and it mentions opening ports through the security request form.
However, the security request form doesn't seem to have this anymore and the
wiki info didn't go into much detail. I'd appreciate a bump in the right
direction as to what steps I need to take to get my own instance of Apache
up and running.

Otherwise, I am very happy with recently joining HCoop and thank all of the
admins for maintaining such a great system and service! Thanks.

Kristopher James Overholt
Fire Protection Engineering Student
Senior at the University of Houston-Downtown
Secretary - Society of Fire Protection Engineers UHD Student Chapter
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