[HCoop-Help] Having both https and http enabled

Adam Chlipala adamc at hcoop.net
Mon Mar 3 19:12:17 EST 2008

Tanveer Singh wrote:
> I tried the "Suggested config" for tanveer.in, but my mails started
> bouncing(I tested using yahoo.com webmail). I get the message the <ip
> address> does not like recipient.
> So I am using the current config which works(I am using handemail
> directive now).
> Could you take a look at tanveer.in domtool config.
> There are 2 commented blocks, one is suggested config, other commented
> block is one of the variations, while the uncommented block is the
> config I am using now(it works great), but I don't have http. only
> https

I don't recall which exact suggestion I made in the file, but the 
indentation in the commented part now is not what domtool-mode would 
pick, so I think it's at least been modified from my version. ;-)

I expect that if you remove the "DefaultAlias = false" line from the 
commented version, it would work as you like. The line means just what 
it says: it's asking not to create a default alias, when you actually do 
want one.

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