[HCoop-Help] domtool help: Apache Redirect for Domain Name

Adam Chlipala adamc at hcoop.net
Sat Jun 21 17:09:34 EDT 2008

wmsar wrote:
> I'd like to redirect "www.whitemountainsar.net" and 
> "whitemountainsar.net" --> "whitemountainsar.org".
> With the domtool configuration below, I get "www.whitemountainsar.net" 
> redirected to "whitemountainsar.org".  Great!  However. 
> "whitemountainsar.net" is not properly redirected and either the HCOOP 
> main page pops up, or an ugly version of the .org website (not sure why).
>     dom "whitemountainsar.net" with
>       web "www" with
>          rewriteRule "/.*" "http://whitemountainsar.org" [redirect];
>       end;
>     end;
> I've tried adding other rewriteRules above the "web www with" area, but 
> that doesn't appear to be valid.  Any help?

You're only asking for a redirect for "www.whitemountainsar.net," not 
"whitemountainsar.net," and you're getting exactly what you ask for. Put 
the [rewriteRule] in a [WWW] block instead. See the DomTool/Examples 
wiki page for examples.

Also, it would be nicer to redirect to a proper URL by including the "/" 
after "....org".

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