[HCoop-Help] domtool help: Apache Redirect for Domain Name

wmsar wmsar at hcoop.net
Sat Jun 21 16:56:41 EDT 2008

Hi everyone,

I'd like to redirect "www.whitemountainsar.net" and 
"whitemountainsar.net" --> "whitemountainsar.org".

With the domtool configuration below, I get "www.whitemountainsar.net" 
redirected to "whitemountainsar.org".  Great!  However. 
"whitemountainsar.net" is not properly redirected and either the HCOOP 
main page pops up, or an ugly version of the .org website (not sure why).

    dom "whitemountainsar.net" with
      web "www" with
         rewriteRule "/.*" "http://whitemountainsar.org" [redirect];

I've tried adding other rewriteRules above the "web www with" area, but 
that doesn't appear to be valid.  Any help?


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