[HCoop-Help] Fwd: mod_python proxy settings.

C. Howell caden at hcoop.net
Thu Jul 31 01:36:33 EDT 2008


I'm trying to set up an apache instance with mod_python.  I downloaded
and compiled Apache 2 with no problems.  Also the redirect
instructions about setting up a proxy were very helpful in the wiki.
That seems to have worked.  However, once I set up the proxy, it
seemed that I could no longer access cadenhowell.com without the www.
cadenhowell.com without the www now redirects to hcoop.net.  Here's
what the domtool config file looks like:

dom "cadenhowell.com" where
 DefaultAlias = false;  (* avoids *@cadenhowell.com e-mail alias *)
 DocumentRoot = home "public_html/cadenhowell.com/"
 emailAlias "caden" "0x435448 at gmail.com";
 web "www" with
   proxyPass "/pie" "http://localhost:4242/";
   proxyPassReverse "/pie" "http://localhost:4242/";

I assume it is because I added the 'web "www"' section for the proxy,
but I could not figure out how to make those instructions apply to the
entire domain.  How would I do that?

I'm working out some other things but I don't want to ask about them
yet because I'm just learning python and I'm not sure if they're
general config questions or HCoop relevant questions.



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