[HCoop-Help] [RE: [HCoop-Announce] .htaccess being disabled on mire]

Björn Lindström bkhl at elektrubadur.se
Tue Feb 26 05:31:40 EST 2008

On Tue, Feb 26, 2008 at 2:56 AM, Paul Kuliniewicz
<paul.kuliniewicz at gmail.com> wrote:
>  If you don't want to use the wordPress or addWordPress directives for
>  whatever reason, you can more or less directly translate those rules
>  into Domtool directives.  Here's what I did for my site (where WordPress
>  is at /blog instead of /, but otherwise the same as your situation):
>  dom "kuliniewicz.org" with
>         web "www" with
>                 directory (home "public_html/blog/") with
>                         testNoHtaccess;          (* ignore any .htaccess files *)
>                         rewriteBase "/blog/";
>                         rewriteCond "${REQUEST_FILENAME}" "!-f" [];
>                         rewriteCond "${REQUEST_FILENAME}" "!-d" [];
>                         rewriteRule "." "/blog/index.php" [last];
>                 end;
>         end;
>  end;

In this case there is actually no reason to not use addWordPress. It
is _exactly_ equivalent to:

  dom "kuliniewicz.org" with
    web "www"
      addWordPress "/blog/"

However dom already specifies a "www", so this is slightly broken too.

You should actually express it like this:

  dom "kuliniewicz.org" where
    WWW = begin
      addWordPress "/blog/"
  with end

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