[HCoop-Help] What use is the wordPress or addWordPress domtool directive?

Srikanth Sastry sastry at hcoop.net
Wed Feb 20 17:54:46 EST 2008

Björn Lindström wrote:
> On Feb 19, 2008 12:00 AM, Srikanth Sastry <sastry at hcoop.net> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Two queries/observations:
>> (1) I am genuinely confused as to why we need a specific wordPress or
>> addWordPress directive on domtool.
>> I dont know what the equivalent 'vhost' config for 'wordPress' is, and
>> so I really have no idea whats going on under the hood.
>> This became a problem because I wanted to install wordpress at the
>> domain level (http://mydomain.com, or http://www.mydomain.com). Now all
>> the config examples, and HowTo guides show how to configure wordpress as
>> a subdomain, or a directoy within a subdomain, but not on how to do that
>> at the domain level itself. I did try the 'domain' config, and
>> configured 'www' as a wordpress subdomain. But then http://mydomain.com
>> loaded the Hcoop website instead of my blog. 'serverAliasDefault'
>> doesn't work under the config 'wordPress'.
>> I 'fix' I came up with for it was to configure the domain as a regular
>> website, simply ignoring the wordPress config, and guess what it works!
>> my wordpress installation works perfectly! So why do we need the
>> wordPress or addWordPress directive?
> These directives add a vhost with the rewriting rules needed to for
> WordPress' URI rewriting to work.
> The exact configuration added can be seen in
> /afs/hcoop.net/user/d/do/domtool/lib/web_apps.dtl
> If you try the configuration out you can also see the resulting Apache
> configuration with
> $ domtool-admin describe your.domain
> I know configuration with .htaccess was enabled on mire for a while.
> Is it still?
For what I see, yes; configuration with .htaccess is still enabled on mire.
So if I want to configure wordpress on http://mydomain.com (and 
http://www.mydomain.com) using domtool, how do I do that?


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