[HCoop-Help] procmail / regex

John T. Settino john at johnsettino.com
Sun Dec 14 23:11:38 EST 2008

Hello all,

Before I get a "RTFM" response, I'd like to point out that yes, I've 
read examples, yes I've JFGI'd, etc, but am still half-clueless.

I'm getting a crapton of duplicate email spam in my Spam folder, that 
can be weeded out fairly easy using procmail. Unfortunately, I've tried 
various rules and settings and I just can't seem to get some of them to 

If someone that has any experience with this and can lend a helping hand 
can reply, that would be AWESOME.

My procmailrc is here, ~nion/.procmail.d/procmailrc

Thanks in advance,

John T. Settino
UNIX/Linux System Administrator
and Freelance Graphic Artist
HCOOP Member since 2003
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* HCOOP: www.hcoop.net

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