[HCoop-Help] MoinMoin static files

Ron Senykoff freat at hcoop.net
Sat Apr 26 13:24:15 EDT 2008

OK so I figured it out. Some of it may be considered subpar domtool
usage, but it works for me ;)
I did a basic setup, using the script that copies everything. I then
also copied the htdocs folder from /usr/share/moin to my wiki install
folder (same level as data and underlay). In wikiconfig.py I set the
url_prefix like so:
url_prefix = '/htdocs'
here's my domtool file for my domain, burnpc.com.

dom "burnpc.com" where
DocumentRoot = "/afs/hcoop.net/user/f/fr/freat/wikis/burnpc/htdocs";
  WWW = begin
    alias "/htdocs" "/afs/hcoop.net/user/f/fr/freat/wikis/burnpc/htdocs";
    (* if someone requests htdocs/index.html, it will redirect them to
moin.cgi *)
    scriptAlias "/index.html"
    (* if /wiki is requested out of /htdocs, instead we send them to moin.cgi *)
    scriptAlias "/wiki" "/afs/hcoop.net/user/f/fr/freat/wikis/burnpc/moin.cgi";
    (* look for the 'wiki' file first, which we have aliased to moin.cgi *)
    (* this way whether the url is rewritten by moin, or by apache, it
contains /wiki *)
    (* and is consistent *)
    directoryIndex ["wiki"];
    addMoinMoin where
      Script = home "wikis/burnpc/moin.cgi";
      Htdocs = home "wikis/burnpc/data";
      Prefix = "/wiki";

This setup allows me to provide my own themes, images, etc.


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