[HCoop-Help] MoinMoin static files

Ron Senykoff freat at hcoop.net
Thu Apr 24 15:13:54 EDT 2008

>  Every mention of "static content" in our documentation should be read as
>  "static content that comes with MoinMoin."  I don't know how themes
>  work, but I imagine you will access your own themes via different URL
>  prefixes than the prefix the Domtool directive creates, which is meant
>  only for accessing the default content.

OK so in the member manual for moinmoin
specifically on the domtool configuration section:
"The static moin files are served out of
http://mymoin.$YOURDOMAIN/moin/..., and the wiki pages themselves are
accessed at URLs like http://mymoin.$YOURDOMAIN/PageName. If you do
this, your $HTDOCS setting will be "/moin"."

So following these directions I end up where moinmoin is trying to
serve my themes from the shared moin install, as seen in this
non-working URL
I verified that it's serving out of the shared folder by changing to
the one theme that is installed
It seems that I need to copy the shared files locally and then
override the location of these within moinmoin. I'll see if I can
figure this out and document it in the manual.


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