[HCoop-Help] Drupal blues

docelic docelic at mire.hcoop.net
Fri Apr 4 06:21:55 EDT 2008

On Fri, Apr 04, 2008 at 12:53:04PM +0530, Tanveer Singh wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to install drupal again today.
> In the installation stage it tries create table/drop table etc., on
> the database I created (tanveer_databasename).
> It fails at that step.
> Somehow my daemon user is not able to create or drop tables on this
> particular database which I created with dbtool mysql createdb
> Is somebody else also facing similar problems?
> I was able to install another cms easily yesterday and no such issues
> came at all
> this is the error message
> Failed to drop a test table from your MySQL database server. We tried
> dropping a table with the command DROP TABLE drupal_install_test and
> MySQL reported the following error DROP command denied to user
> 'tanveer'@'mire.hcoop.net' for table 'drupal_install_test'.

Yes, for security reasons (and MySQL shortcomings), we are not able to 
grant DROP privilege in advance. The problem is that we cannot grant
DROP DATABASE privilege, and MySQL has no way of saying "allow drop on
tables but not on the database". (The syntax DBNAME.* enables both
tables and database drop).

We have a workaround, though. The solution is to create your MySQL database
and tables in there, and then run command mysql-fixperms. That will give
you permission to drop all tables that are currently in your database,
and then your drupal's script will work without problems.

If the script is trying to DROP tables on its first run (i.e. the script
uses a combination of DROP+CREATE instead of just CREATE), then the
solution is to either remove the DROP statements, or to manually create
the tables (just like: "create table TBLNAME (int a)" for each table) and
then run mysql-fixperms .


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