[HCoop-Help] Drupal blues

Tanveer Singh tanveer at hcoop.net
Fri Apr 4 03:23:04 EDT 2008

I am trying to install drupal again today.
In the installation stage it tries create table/drop table etc., on
the database I created (tanveer_databasename).
It fails at that step.
Somehow my daemon user is not able to create or drop tables on this
particular database which I created with dbtool mysql createdb
Is somebody else also facing similar problems?
I was able to install another cms easily yesterday and no such issues
came at all

this is the error message

Failed to drop a test table from your MySQL database server. We tried
dropping a table with the command DROP TABLE drupal_install_test and
MySQL reported the following error DROP command denied to user
'tanveer'@'mire.hcoop.net' for table 'drupal_install_test'.


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