[HCoop-Discuss] Meeting notes: 2009-09-06

Richard Darst rkd at hcoop.net
Mon Sep 7 03:09:33 EDT 2009


Our IRC meeting went on successfully today.  We made some plans, and
assigned some planning tasks for the next stages.

The next meeting will be in one week at the same time: Sun, 7 Sept,
1800 UTC.  Hopefully it will be a short status meeting, and we can set
some new goals for the next week.

The full minutes and log are at the links below, a summary of key
points is below in this email.

Minutes:  http://hcoop.net/~rkd/hcoop/logs/hcoop.2009-09-06-18.00.html
Full log: http://hcoop.net/~rkd/hcoop/logs/hcoop.2009-09-06-18.00.log.html

- Richard


We asked who was at the meeting that wasn't already involved in some
way, and how they might be interested in helping.  Interested people
were bipt_, lvillani, rgubler and Chile.  See the logs for
descriptions of what people would like to do.  One of (my, at least)
our big goals is to make it easy for non-admins to contribute
(e.g. see next paragraph).

The admin situation is OK for now, but we can consider adding more if
there is a need.  However, we want to get our VCS situation in order
so that other people can easily contribute config and code without
admin powers.  For example, dommtool/the web portal are two good
places for this.

Richard will take on the role of "issue tracker", monitoring bugzilla
and prodding people to get things done if need be.  Davor goes through
and cleans it out first, though.

Clinton looks at TaskDistribution and see what he will take over.

rgubler talks works on getting domtool set up outside of hcoop, as a
test platform, possibly contributing code.  adamc advises as needed.

Clinton converts our sourceforge CVS repos to git (after making sure
everyone is OK with this), and documents it so that others can

While Clinton is doing that, he checks all of the scripts for
kerberos/AFS token problems.

Future plans:

Richard writes up a little summary of what we might do if we stayed at
peer1: what hardware to buy and how we would manage things.

Clinton and bipt_ will work up a proposal of a plan involving moving
hosts (see http://wiki.hcoop.net/ProspectiveHostsQuoteRequest2009 ).

We will next meet one week after this meeting: Sunday, Sep 7, 18:00

People present:

 1. MrBeige (228)
 2. docelic (66)
 3. unknown_lamer (48)
 4. lvillani (26)
 5. rgubler (19)
 6. bipt_ (14)
 7. Chile (5)
 8. ntk (4)
 9. bipt__ (3)

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