[Bond-users] Building bond from source

Eduardo Trápani eduardo at esperanto.org.uy
Sat Jul 22 00:00:21 EDT 2006

I found the cause of the building problem!  It's a conflict with ccache. 
  scons tries to build the test file with /usr/bin/gcc (successfully) 
and then, I don't know why, it tries again with /usr/local/bin/gcc.  In 
my configuration that file was a symbolic link to /usr/bin/ccache.

It should have worked, but it doesn't. I guess it's scons fault.  I 
might file a bug later.  It's weird, it tries to compile twice the same 
file.  Once I erased the file /usr/local/bin/gcc the detection of 
string.h worked.

But I ran into another problem, I was trying to install into another 
directory, not /usr/local/...  I ran ./configure 
--prefix=/installation/path but bonddb2.pc is not build from an .in 
file.  And the local/ prefix is added to many files.  I attach a patch 
to this message with the changes I had to do to build and install 
successfully considering the source is in /source/path/bond and the 
installation is going to be placed in /installation/path/ (and then 
lib/, bin/, etc.)

At this moment 'scons' and scons 'install', both work.  Now it's time to 
try it!


>>If I simply type 'scons' I get the following:
>>scons: Reading SConscript files ...
>>Checking for C header file string.h... no
>>string.h must be installed.
>>But the header string.h is there (/usr/include), I don't know where it 
>>is looking for it.
> Hey Eduardo,
> Make sure that you have libc6-dev package installed. On Debian,
> all paths should match automatically, and the compiler should be
> looking into /usr/include/ as you expect.
> I'll try this myself tomorrow, and will be able to help you more
> with it, if you don't get it working by then.
>>I tried to follow the README and this[1] message that says "Download 
>>bonddb and bond, read their README files, install pre-requisites (they 
>>are available as debian packages), and
>>run builds."  But I don't understand what you mean by "run builds".
> "Run builds" simply means to build (compile) bonddb and bond by
> invoking 'scons', like you did.
> Cya,
> -doc
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