[Bond-users] Building bond from source

Eduardo Trápani eduardo at esperanto.org.uy
Fri Jul 21 21:36:13 EDT 2006


I downloaded bond-2.3.1.tar.gz and try to build it from source 
(Debian/powerpc stable/testing) with flex, bison, libtools, scons, 

If I simply type 'scons' I get the following:

scons: Reading SConscript files ...
Checking for C header file string.h... no
string.h must be installed.

But the header string.h is there (/usr/include), I don't know where it 
is looking for it.

Just in case, I ran './configure' first and then 'scons' and I got the 
same error, but running 'make' gives: object `dbclient.$(OBJEXT)' 
created both with libtool and without

I tried to follow the README and this[1] message that says "Download 
bonddb and bond, read their README files, install pre-requisites (they 
are available as debian packages), and
run builds."  But I don't understand what you mean by "run builds".

Thanks, Eduardo.

[1] http://hcoop.net/pipermail/bond-users/2006-June/000004.html

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