[Viper-users] Changing preseed to use LVM

Timm Essigke Timm.Essigke at uni-bayreuth.de
Sun Oct 4 14:24:00 EDT 2009

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Dear list,

here are my ldif files for using LVM.

5-partitioning.ldif contains the partmanRecipe.  I like to have  /,
/usr, /var, /tmp and /home on different partitions, which are LVM.
Because increasing partition size is easier than decreasing, I usually
keep unpartitioned space (also useful for snapshots, e.g. for
backups). Partman can not handle this, so I have a dummy LV which I
plan to remove after installation (maybe not formatting it saves some
time during installation - haven't tried yet).

bisb_preseed.ldif contains some d-i options to do the LVM installation
(there is also a lot of not necessary stuff, i.e. already defined
templates, options I am going to change (e.g. default root passwort)
or which are irrelevant to LVM (e.g. timezone)). Attention: My disk is
called /dev/vda!

Anyway, I hope that it is a good starting point for everyone
interested setting up LVM with viper.

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