[Nestedvm] A few minor update patches to nestedvm

John Stroy lists.hcoop.net+nestedvm+nb3ogi5r at jdstroy.yi.org
Sat Aug 24 19:28:03 EDT 2013

Adam, Brian, folks,

I see that NestedVM has somewhat become dormant.  I've made a fork of
it over at [1]https://github.com/jdstroy/nestedvm/ and I've made a few
minor patches to it (new home for newlib, new URL and repository format
for classgen, and newlib-1.12).  Could you please review and pull my

PS: I have found that clang seems to work well as the bootstrap
compiler on Linux, if you can't get your hands on gcc-3.x.

Thank you,



1. https://github.com/jdstroy/nestedvm/
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