[Nestedvm] memory.h

Pablo Beltran pbeltranl at gmail.com
Sat Dec 15 21:14:38 EST 2012


I want to compile the SWFTools project by using the nestedvm compiler. But
I'm getting problems with the *memory.h* file.
I've built several 3rd party required libraries (jpeg, freetype, zlib)
without problems and configured the SWFTools with nestedvm, but when I run
the *make* command it stops because the memory.h file is missing.

Well, I found one at the /usr/include, so I added the
*-I/usr/include*param to the gcc compiler (via Makefile). The missing
file  is already
found, but tons of errors are then displayed.

How can it be resolved? I guess that was not the right way to deal with the
missing memory.h file...

Many thanks!
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