[Nestedvm] Planing a large C to Java migration project

Yaffe, Lior Lior.Yaffe at softwareag.com
Wed Aug 31 07:08:26 EDT 2011



I'm currently estimating the effort involved in translating a large part
of one of our application modules from C to Java.

This module is currently compiled using Borland C on Windows and GCC on

We never ported this source code to MIPS though.


Our existing code is compiled into DLL/SO file and is loaded in runtime
using JNI. We are currently using Java 1.6 runtime on various platforms.

I've read pretty much all the information available online about
NestedVM but did not experiment with the tool yet.


Given the current status of the NestedVM product would you recommend
using NestedVM for this purpose ?

Would be able to assist us in case we run into problems or need product
modifications ?


Best regards,


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