[Nestedvm] How's NestedVM doing in my absence?

Simmons, Aaron asimmons at rosettastone.com
Wed Oct 20 12:22:48 EDT 2010

> I might've mentioned one or the other at some point. A CLR/MSIL port
> should be very straightforward. The .NET VM is a superset of the JVM.
> There are even an handful of things we could do significantly faster
> there (because it has tailcalls, and a few other useful instructions).
> The only reason I haven't done it is because I haven't had the need.
> I've never worried much about using native code with .NET stuff, as it
> has almost always targeted windows only anway.

A CLR port of NestedVM would be super useful in the context of Silverlight and running legacy "unsafe" code in a web browser.  See my question on StackOverflow about it:

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