[Nestedvm] sys_realpath issues

David Ehrmann ehrmann at gmail.com
Sat Jun 26 22:57:14 EDT 2010

I've run into two problems with the sys_realpath system call.  For some 
reason, it returns 0, not outAddr.  Is there any reason it does that?  
Normally, that function returning zero would indicate a failure.  The 
other issue is that the path is wrong under Windows; it neglects to add 
the drive name/root, so if I call the function on "foo" in "c:\mypath," 
I get "mypath/foo."  Is there any reason (chroot in the future?) 
normalizePath doesn't just do (new File(filename)).getCanonicalPath()?  
The way paths work is somewhat system-dependent, so it would make sense 
to use a Java API that's aware of this to do the work.

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