[Nestedvm] Problem compiling mips->jbc

David Ehrmann ehrmann at gmail.com
Sun Jun 13 17:26:25 EDT 2010

Adam Megacz wrote:
> You should use the copy of gcc that gets built by nestedvm.
I plan on trying this.
> Your compiler is probably adding a section to the binary that NestedVM
> doesn't understand.  You might try altering the NestedVM code to ignore
> sections named ".interp", but there's no guarantee that will work.
I might also try this.  What issues could come up with NestedVM 
compiling statically-linked code?  When I tried it on some, it had a 
different unexpected section, and yes, I can make it ignore that 
section, but I want to make sure it would even generate working byte 
code, first.

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