[Nestedvm] Patch for compiling NestedVM on newer Ubuntu versions

Matthias Fratz fratz at inf.uni-konstanz.de
Mon Aug 30 10:51:26 EDT 2010

I'd like to apologize for the old patch, that one was total garbage.

Out of the box, the GIT version of NestedVM still does not compile under
Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx), at least not on my system, so I made the
attached (new) patch which should allow it to compile properly using GCC
4.4.3 (the default version on Lucid).

It is not tested very well: It passes the checks that 'make check' does, but
that's about it, that's all the testing I did. I've still got an uneasy
feeling about that patch, because it allows NestedVM's GCC 3.3.6 to compile
by silently ignoring a buffer overflow in NestedVM's binutils that newer GCC
versions on Ubuntu would normally detect. That buffer overflow appears to be
harmless / intentional, but it's ugly nevertheless. So, do some more testing
before using the compiled NestedVM for something important.

The patch should be applied right after downloading NestedVM, that is, you'd
do something like this:

git clone http://nestedvm.ibex.org/nestedvm.git/
cd nestedvm
patch -p1 </path/to/ubuntu.patch
make check

- Matthias
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