[Nestedvm] building c++ with nestedvm-2009-08-09 snapshot

Simmons, Aaron asimmons at rosettastone.com
Thu Apr 29 12:24:22 EDT 2010

>Nestedvm builds a toolchain based on gcc 3.3.6 and g++  3.3.6 will not compile with gcc-4.1, 
>I was able to solve the problem by doing a full native build and install of 
>gcc 3.3.6 on the host, and the starting over with the nestedvm building using gcc 3.3.6

Ah, this makes sense.  Perhaps a readme or the website should mention “gcc 3.3.6 required”?  It’s definitely not obvious why its failing.

Fortunately, I’m using an Ubuntu Hardy box where gcc-3.3 can still be installed. ☺

For those using later Ubuntu versions it looks like there’s a repository with gcc 3.3 here:

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