[Nestedvm] Problem with libs

Anton Evtushenko duran_anton at ua.fm
Wed May 27 04:09:33 EDT 2009


I have a problem:
My C file is below

int f()

int f2()

int main()
    return 0;

Then I build them with commands:
$ mips-unknown-elf-gcc -o test.mips test.c
$ java org.ibex.nestedwm.Compiler -outfile Test.class Test test.mips

In the dump of Test.class file:
$javap -c Test
I can not find my functions f1 and f2, that's why I can not use NestedVM to port my librarys to use them in my Java application.

Tell me please, can NestedVM port libraries with original signature of functions, and if it's so, how can I do this?

Anton Evtushenko.

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