[Nestedvm] Patch for compiling NestedVM on newer Ubuntu versions

Matthias Fratz fratz at inf.uni-konstanz.de
Sat Jul 25 07:40:22 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Building NestedVM on Ubuntu 9.04 is a bit difficult, because the gcc 3.3.6
used by NestedVM is a bit buggy, and Ubuntu has _FORTIFY_SOURCE enabled by
default. Therefore glibc detects a buffer overflow that appears to occur in
mips-unknown-elf-ar while building libgcc.

The easiest way to get it to compile is to just disable _FORTIFY_SOURCE (see
below), but this is definitely not a clean solution, as that buffer overflow
probably still occurs, it just doesn't get detected anymore. Is there
anything magical about version 3.3.6 so that NestedVM cannot use one of the
newer versions?

I'll attach a patch against the current (2009-07-25) git version that
disables _FORTIFY_SOURCE to work around the problem. It needs to be applied
after downloading the git stuff (before entering the directory
nestedvm.ibex.org) with:
patch -p0 <ubuntu.patch
It probably adds -U_FORTIFY_SOURCE in slightly too many places, but it's the
version I got to compile.

Hope this helps other folks trying to compile on Ubuntu.

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