[Nestedvm] NestedVM & JNode

lsantha at kn.ro lsantha at kn.ro
Sat Feb 7 13:26:42 EST 2009

Hi All,

I would like to congratulate the authors for excellent idea, and good
software that they created in NestedVM.

I'm working on the JNode project (www.jnode.org) and often we need a piece
of software written in C but not available in Java, while JNode can only
run Java bytecode. NestedVM is a great tool for addressing this problem.

So far I've successfully ported to JNode the ndisasm program that we will
use for inspecting the machine code generated by JNode right under JNode.

In the future NestedVM could be used to port a lot more code to JNode
which is not avaibale as Java software yet.

With your permission I'm planning to include the NestedVM runtime in the
next version of JNode along with several tools ported with it. I haven't
checked it yet more closely what belongs to the NestedVM runtime beyond
the Runtime/UnixRuntime class but probably it would be a bit cleaner to
separate the runtime from the compiler.

I've will be back probably with questions soon as I'm working more with
Thank You again and Kind Regards,
Levente Santha

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