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Stovetop irish red

   * [[attachment:irishred10gallon.html|Killen's Irish Red (10 gallons)]] [[attachment:irishred10gallon.xml|(BeerXML from brewtarget)]]
  OG 1.046 @ 69F, 4.5 gals in each fermenter (one US-05. one Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale). Ferment at 65F. Note: intentionally splashed wort during transfer to kettle rather than siphoning; I'm interested in testing small-batch effects of hot-side aeration. According to the guys at the FLHS, a tad more crystal and a tad less roasted barley will make this puppy shine as a solid example of the style. I am preferring the Scottish Ale yeast currently, but both versions have been very well-received.
+  * [[attachment:stovetopirishred.html|Killen's Irish Red (5 gallon stovetop)]] [[attachment:stovetopirishred.xml|(BeerXML from brewtarget)]] 
+ A stovetop version, mash in-kettle in a bag. 
  == Preznit Ale ==

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