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Sun Jul 28 17:53:20 EDT 2013


So I'm getting together the makings of my Bubonic Porter again. This time I
want to try it on the stovetop, so I invite you to join me Friday morning
for the festivities. (I'll be in MD this weekend, or I'd totally be
hollering for Saturday or Sunday!) I'll be hitting AMB when they open, or
possibly the day before, and then brewing will go through the afternoon.

As you might have seen, I loaded up my recipe if you want to take a look;
in particular I dialed back the cyrstal 80 and subbed a little crystal 40
to lessen some of the sharpness, but otherwise the proportions are largely
the same.

One note: ABM now has a bin system, so you can get exactly the grain you
need and no more. No more buying bags of grain that never get fully used!

Let me know if you're planning on joining me and I'll have enough lunch for

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