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Sun Jun 30 16:40:13 EDT 2013

Greetings, brewers,

As Clinton rightly pointed out, the time is ripe to upgrade to kegging,
lest we have no beer  before the end of summer. And as I have just
committed $300 to homebrewing supplies, I think it wise to use those funds
toward that goal.

I have taken a glance at the kits available at American Brewmaster (where I
will be spending the money from certificates), and a couple options look
good. I am amenable to refrigerator conversion kits, as when we eventually
part ways I will still find use of it, but I am soliciting your opinions
(most especially Clinton, as the chief resident brewer at Evergreen) for
what will best accommodate our setup there.

The keg to-go kit might be the best economic choice, especially because we
can take fresh Nowruz to other parties :) But as I happen to now own two
Sanke 7.5gallon kegs, it might be better to get the sanke fridge kit.
Theoretically, I can get both and only pay a little over the $300 mark.

My goal is to make this purchase within the week so we can begin
production. I'm sure y'all are itching to brew as much as I am.


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