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  Trying out Amarillo as the sole hop, hoping to complement it with peaches in primary and a nice Belgian character. It helps that T-58 tolerates summer temps!. Efficiency was about 10 points below predicted (OG 1.046); the two main variables were time (75 instead of 90 minutes) and the fact that a full third of the grain bill was old grains from last year. Trying to ferment at 70, but the swamp cooler is barely keeping up. In the end, I only kept it to 73-75. :-\
  Great attenuation; FG 1.010. Nice and phenolic, but not much peach in the gravity sample. Tasty! Bottling in another week.
+ === Sriracha Porter ===
+  * [[attachment:srirachaporter.html|Sriracha Porter]] BeerXML: [[attachment:srirachaporter.xml]]
+ A challenge from a friend months ago led to this recipe. Summit hops, by many accounts, yield a garlicky/oniony flavor, and the sorghum lends a sourness. Going to secondary it with habanero peppers. We shall see...
  = Kristen =

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