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> Greetings,
> So... I like Brown Town more as less as-is; I'm going to drop the
> chocolate malt a few % and increase the 80L in equal proportion, but
> ... I'm ready to do ten gallons of it.
> Since we have ten gallons ... half of it will be secondaried with some
> form of coffee one I decide which of the myriad ways looks best.
> After that my brewing schedule:
> ::snip brewing schedule::

Sounds good. I'd like to insert a ten-gallon batch of the Bubonic Porter in
there at some point this summer, but it might need to wait until late
August at this point unless I stop sucking at task management miraculously.

I rather need to bottle the Irish Red at some point this or next week. I
have given up the thought of having it ready for Solstice or even for my
sister, but I don't want to clutter up the pipeline either. I can do it
without assistance, so let me know when would be best (or at least, when is
untenable) to bring some bottles over and get it done.

Also, I am acquiring a 5 gallon bucket of honey in early July. I'm going
> to brew a six gallon batch of mead, but that's only 15lbs out of 60lbs
> so ... who wants to make some mead? I think the cost will work out to
> about $2-3/lb (a one gallon batch is ~3-4 lbs of honey, depending on
> your desired residual sweetness). I'll be sad if everyone doesn't make a
> mead of some sort, but if I have lots of honey left that just means I'll
> end up with a lifetime supply of fruit wine...

I don't even know where I'd start, concerning mead. I had an inclination to
pick a bunch of dandelions to make dandelion wine in honor of Mr.
Bradbury's death, so mead could be a neat thing to do that with. Gotta find
a good field, though. So, count me tentatively in?

> SO: who wants to brew this weekend? We're down to one fermenter, but I
> can get Kristen to patch up the brewhauler and use the glass
> carboy. We'll have the sixth better bottle free the day before Solstice
> (I'm racking the 6 gal of Blackberry Cyser into the 5 gallon and
> capturing the last gallon for fresh consumption!).
This weekend I am slammed--I have a paper due Sunday, which is only just
now undergoing revision. I could do Wednesday or Thursday, but then I have
out of town guests from Friday next until Sunday. And then it's the final
week of the semester, and then Solstice, and then my sister leaves for
Afghanistan. So it's safe to say I'm unable to brew with y'all until July
at the earliest. Dammit :-\

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